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Shigaraki potteryShigaraki, a town nestled in small hills, is known for its distinctive, unglazed pottery.
Six towns in ancient Japan were known to produce beautiful pottery (Shigaraki, Bizen, Tanba, Echizen, Seto, and Tokoname). Of these, Shigaraki is best known for its "WABI" or "SABI" pottery, used in the Sen-no-Rikku tea ceremony.
More than 1250 years ago, when Shomu emperor built Shigaraki palace, its roofs or store fixtures were burned in Shigaraki. It is an origin of Shigaraki pottery.

OKUDACHUZAEMON-GAMA was opened in Meiji 21. We have a main shop and a brunch shop "Kokudo-ten" which was opened in Heisei 3.
The main shop is on the mountainside. You are free to view their kiln which uses clay from the nearby mountain.
But the kiln is unusable parameter now.
"Kokudo-ten" has a restaurant which can accommodate 350 people.
You may also purchase TANUKI statues, flowerpots, umbrella stands, tea ceremony bowls and many other kinds of pottery.

kiln restaurant

the 100 year dripShigaraki pottery has also been used in modern goods.
For example, shigaraki pottery is used in a water filter called the 100 year drip.
It is a combination of Shigaraki pottery and a ceramic filter made in Germany.
This water filter can remove chlorine from tap water.


color healing lampsYou can also purchase calming color healing lamps.


Shigaraki Pottery / Rakuyaki(Foil decorating)

ShigarakiRakuyakiNormal foil decoration class takes about 30 minutes but after that it takes one month to finish burning it. Moreover shipping cost will be high if you are a foreign visitor.
Our Rakuyaki doesn't take so long time to do a foil decoration and burn it using our special material, paints and kiln.
For example, it takes 50 minutes for making 10 to 30 potteries, 90 minutes for 30 to 50 potteries.

If you have short time less than that, we prepare 30 minutes course, which your pottery is delivered to your hotel (only domestic) within the next day or the day after. (* postage: 1,050yen / one place)

Tea cup 1,000 yen (tax including ) for each one.

Paints are 5 colors.

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Decorating the eight luck Tanuki

《This decorating uses Fusi 8 lucky colors which has come down as a knowledge( environmentology ) from ancient times in China to decorate the eight luck Tanuki.》

What is the eight luck Tanuki?

 Shade It is prepared to avoid on unexpected trouble.
 Eyes  To look around and make a right decision
 Face  Live to have a truth and heartily
 Sake bottle  Appreciate for food and get the virtue
 Business note  Confidence is the most important
 Stomach  Have calmness and daring
 Money bag  Lucky with money
 Tail  Everything finishes steady

The eight colors power of FUSUI

風水による八色のパワー Yellow  :Luck with money
Green  :God for health
Blue  :Good for job or study 
Pink :Good for love
Orange:Good for human relationship
Red   :Good for wining (for gamble)
White   :Refreshing
Black   :Hold the status quo

Procedure of decorating the eight luck Tanuki

1)Put the color as you like on a biscuit fired Tanuki.(dry it for a while)


2) Put the different color on Tanuki's face and business note.
風水による八色のパワー  風水による八色のパワー

3) Give it to the staff. It is roasted in a special kiln.(cool it down for a while)

You can carry out your own Tanuki with a gift box.

Fee: 1,000 yen / one Tanuki 
Time required: 30 minutes
Payment: cash only

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